Staffordshire Aeroclub


Based at Otherton Airfield

About us

Otherton Airfield Originated As RAF Penkridge In 1942. Established As The Base For 28 EFTS. Many WWII Pilots Started Their Flying Careers At Otherton. Their Training Was On Tiger Moths. It Closed After WWII But The Airfield Reopened When The Staffordshire Aero Club Made It Their Base In The 1980s. The Club Has Developed The Airfield Ever Since.


Staffordshire Aeroclub Based At Otherton Airfield Is Well Known As Being One Of The Friendliest Clubs  In The Area. It's Reputation Makes Us A Popular Place For Everyone, From Pilots Flying In To Students Learning To Fly.

Seating Available Close To The Aircraft Parking Area So That You Can Have A Good Look At The Aircraft.


 Staffordshire Aero Club was founded in the early 1980s. At that time a new form of powered recreational flying was evolving from hang gliding and ‘minimum aircraft’ designs, a hobby that had developed for fun amongst aeronautical engineers and designers of technically advanced aircraft such as Concorde.

Four Club members already had a temporary agreement with landowner  to use the land during the ‘Set Aside’ period. Cliff decided that the land should be called ‘Otherton Airfield’. A Flying School started  and many new microlight pilots got their wings and joined the Club. 

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